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What Does Parking Jockey Insurance Cover?

The stalwart of many a restaurant, hotel, airport and casino, the parking jockeys or airport jockeys come into contact with many different cars with differing values, sizes and engines. Though they do not spend a lot of time in these cars, or drive too far, the risk of an accident is always there.

Required By Law

Insuring yourself as a parking jockey may feel unnecessary, but it is actually required by law to have the correct insurance if you drive even the shortest distance on the road.

Any short journey or movement on the road needs proper insurance to protect the vehicle. Parking jockeys drive very short distances yet still need to be covered in case of an accident. It is also exceedingly important for the parking jockey to have insurance that will cover the variety of cars they will drive, some may be of a higher value or differing performances, and that will need to be accounted for.

What Will Parking Jockey Insurance Offer?

Parking jockey insurance covers the jockey should an accident occur. A vehicle indemnity can be set so that you are covered up to the level you need (some contracts will mean you need a higher level of cover). This means reversely that you may also be able to set your cover level lower and therefore save money.

Your insurance policy can offer Road Risks, Parking Risks and Liability Cover. It should also include the standard things you would expect to see in your motor trade policy (although there may be some restrictions/exclusions that are extra), plus some additional features that you may require such as:

  • Public & Employee Liability cover
  • Split Indemnity
  • Multiple Driver cover
  • Multi Premises cover
  • Vehicles at Premises cover

Think Insurance Parking Jockey Insurance

Think Insurance are a leading motor trade insurer. We can offer road risk, parking risk and liability insurance – all important for a parking jockey. We can offer flexible payments and cover.

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UK is Having its Best Ever Decade in Car Exports

In July 2014 this year the UK Motor Industry past a significant milestone, when 5 million cars were exported, this beats the car exporting performance of any decade previously. It is a brilliant example of the continued renaissance of the UK Motor Industry since the recession of 2009.

Last Year’s Figures

Last year alone there were almost 1.5 million vehicles exported to over 100 countries, the UK motor industry is doing incredibly well.

Our biggest export destinations are:

  1. China who buy 10% of our vehicles.
  2. Russia 9.5%
  3. USA 9.2%
  4. Norway 3.4%
  5. Turkey 2.8%
  6. South Africa 2.3%
  7. Switzerland 1.6%
  8. Japan 1.3%
  9. Australia 1.2%
  10. Israel 1.2%

This Year

In July of this year the UK manufactured 132,570 cars, this is a rise of 2.8%. 2014 is showing steady growth on last year and is continuing to do so.

Even the average cost of a UK car being exported has more than doubled in ten years. The average now being £20,600 compared to only £10,200 in 2004.

This fantastic news has proved to the world that British-made cars are some of the most in demand.


This has led to the motor industry creating 100,000 new jobs before 2020 and many manufacturers will be investing huge sums of money into their business. Bentley, for example invested £800 million into new SUV production and created 1,000 new jobs this year. Jaguar Land Rover invested £1.5billion into new technology and created 1,700 jobs.

The success of the industry so far this decade has led analysts to believe that by 2017 there will be a new milestone of 2 million cars produced in a year, which will surpass 1972’s record of 1.92 million.


Here at Think we are incredibly excited for the Motor Traders reaping the industry’s success and hope that the UK’s burgeoning motor trade continues in the strong and dominant path it is currently treading.


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The Problems Facing Motor Traders

The country is edging its way out of the recession and the Bank of England has suggested the economy has started to recover. Unemployment levels have reduced, and industries including the motor trade are showing improvement with 1,004,935 cars sold in last October alone.

It would seem that the motor trade’s economy is starting to do okay but there could be better ways of bringing people into showrooms, online marketplaces and dealerships. It is now a necessity to stand out from the crowd and make customers decisively choose your business over another. Customer service should be heightened in order to bring regular custom back and stronger thought needs to be given about the current market, looking at environmentally friendly options and what people now want from their car dealers and valets.

Standing Out from the Crowd

How does one motor trade business stand out from the rest? A great place to start is to have a decent website in place that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. It would be hard to recreate but is certainly a car hire website that stands out and keeps people coming back. It’s a site awash in Ling’s eccentric personality. We wouldn’t recommend you copy her barmy site, but understand that personality is a big part of business, and if you can get a good personality across, you are likely to get regular customers.

Customer Service Improvement

Excellent customer service is the best way to keep coming back to your business. Do something good and your customer is bound to tell their friends, family and maybe even tweet about it. There are still many businesses in the motor trade, such as dealerships and valets, where customers are having to wait too long to be served. This is understandable on busy days, and customers can appreciate a longer wait if other customers are being seen to, but customers do not like waiting for no apparent reason. Make sure your customers are served promptly!

Reading the Market

Reading the market is important to keep any business afloat, you need to look at changes in the industry and buying market to see how your business needs to evolve. Many car dealerships are looking at environmental concerns and are stocking electric and hybrid vehicles. Consider if your customers would buy an electric car, or if you might gain new customers by stocking them. Look at other businesses and see the changes they are making, studying their business might tell you if you need to update yours.

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Things you need to know: What would happen if a customer was injured at YOUR motor trade business?

If a customer has an accident, or is hurt or injured in your work premises then you could find yourself liable to pay for the damages caused to them. So if you run a business such as a valeters, a car showroom/dealership or an engineers that allows customers into your place of work then we highly recommend you take out Public Liability insurance. It will protect your business should you or your employees be the cause of an accident to a member of the public.

Photo by Ross / CC BY

Photo by Ross / CC BY


Should a customer have an accident on your premises you may find yourself in a situation in which you have to pay a large amount of money for damages, court fees or out of court settlements to make things right. With Public Liability insurance in place you will be covered for these costs.

Without insurance in place, a claim could end up costing your business tens of thousands of pounds, sometimes even more than that. It could end up ruining your business, or even closing it.

Public Liability Insurance

Photo By Tim RT / CC BY

Photo By Tim RT / CC BY

Think Insurance offer a motor trade Public Liability insurance specific to the trade. If any claims are made against you or your business by members of the public for damage, injury or death caused by you or your employees, it will cover damages and legal defence costs.

Think also offer a policy that looks after your employees called Employer’s Liability Insurance. It is a legal requirement that you have this in place if you employ anyone, even on a ‘sub-contractor’ basis  and provides peace of mind should one of your employees injure themselves or die because of a work related incident.

Be Safe

It is best to be safe when running a business, and especially in the motor trade. So if you have customers on your work premises we highly recommend you take out the right insurance to cover your business and save your business from any financial loss. It could be the difference between your business thriving or in be left in ruin.

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