Car Search Smart Phone Applications Show ‘Huge Increase’

Mobile phone and tablet (e.g. iPad) applications may be the future of car sales. New car websites are experiencing a 190% increase in visits, almost consistently each year, primarily due to these devices. This relatively recent technology is proving both time effective and efficient i.e. no starting up of a computer or searching endlessly through car sales magazines.

The age of the smart phones is being lead by Apple devices – which are currently the most popular mobile devices for online browsing (responsible for 39% of all ‘new car’ website searches). Of all searches, 77% originate from an apple device, followed not so closely by android devices with around 18% of searches. Mobile phones are providing a blessing for motor trade businesses that can take advantage of a vastly growing industry.

There are already hundreds of applications up and running that can cover almost anything, from route planners to fuel consumption monitors.  Smartphones make shopping convenient – comparison websites have developed their own mobile websites whereby at the click of a button you can get a quick and easy quote on your insurance policies. The online marketplace provides an ‘anytime, anywhere’ type scenario whereby you can get a quick and easy quote providing you have good network coverage. This direct way of purchasing greatly differs from the traditional way of conducting business. Once upon a time it was necessary for customers to schedule appointments and wait long periods of time to discuss their car insurance with a professional.

However the majority of motor trade business’ are still dominated through phone calls or direct contact with a customer. The continuing expansion of business’ via smartphones is dependent on the ability of smart phone companies to sell to a wider audience. Hopefully, whereby the majority of the population will eventually own or have access to the technology. Currently the average price of a new iPhone contract ranges between £26 and £62 a month, with different levels of network coverage. In addition to these monthly rates you are likely to have to pay an extra one off charge in excess of £150 for the actual handset itself. From these prices you can see the  expense of buying and maintaining a smartphone.

If you are involved in the motor trade business it’s useful to do whatever you possibly can to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Generally they provide the best marketing gaps with new methods of advertising and selling your business.  This could be the turning point in your business’ success.

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