Cabbies do their Part for the Environment

Taxi and private hire drivers based in London have been lowering their carbon emissions in a bid to enhance their fuel economy. This has been accomplished through a Smarter Driving programme produced by the Energy Saving Trust (EST’s) that illustrates how to better the environment through improved driving techniques and also teaches how to better anticipate road conditions.

Over 450 drivers took part in the programme since the beginning of 2012 with some successful results. On average the London cab drivers made fuel savings of 24% – which surpasses average driver fuel saving by 9%. According to a report issued three years ago the average taxi driver in London would travel around 8,000 annually – this equates to expenditure of around £2,224 on fuel each year. By utilizing the smart driving techniques a taxi driver could save almost a quarter of their fuel outgoings of more than £500.

In addition to saving money the training focuses on improving driver safety by concentrating on better anticipation. Improving this skill could in effect cut the number of road collisions involving taxi drivers and ultimately reduce insurance premiums.

The training is available to any industry of business not just taxi drivers. The cost per driver is reduced by the Department of Transport to £25 to encourage more participants. The session takes less than an hour for each person and can be completed at the workplace to minimise time loss.

EST Smarter Driving manager, Bob Saynor, said: “A London taxi driver uses around 1,590 litres of fuel per year, releasing over four tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. With heavier traffic congestion and even more visitors using transport on the city’s roads, emissions during this time are likely to increase to even greater heights.

“The Smarter Driving techniques help drivers anticipate further ahead, drive more smoothly and avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking. It’s great to see cabbies adopt the techniques so readily, as the combined reduction in emissions will contribute to a real difference in air quality in the city. We hope they keep up the good work.”

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