Buying a car from relative could cost you more

If you are thinking about buying a car from a relative, it might be worth thinking again before you close the deal. According to research from the Trusted Dealers website,purchasing a second hand vehicle from your nearest and dearest could be more hassle than its worth, and could end up costing you more in the long run.
Many drivers who have opted to buy a car from a relative are under the impression they would get a better deal than if they went to their local motor trader or car dealer. But, according to the survey more than 65% of people felt that buying a car from someone in the family is the more expensive option, in the long run.
A significant 42% of people surveyed had agreed to buy a car from a family member in the hope of saving some pennies. Sadly 67% of those have been unhappy with the purchase. 45% of those surveyed discovered the vehicle had mechanical issues, and 15% felt they had paid over the market value for the car.
Neil Addley, Managing Director of Trusted Dealers, comments, “The particularly alarming figure was the high percentage of cars that ended up costing buyers more than they expected in the long run”.
Garrath Hussey, Chief Executive, also comments on the latest survey, “Buying a car from a friend or relative can often turn out to be a false economy, as the research has shown”.
“One of the main problems is that you really have no come back if something goes wrong with the car once you have driven it away. Unless you are willing to thoroughly check out the mechanics of a vehicle, and carry out research into the true market value, we would always recommend you visit your local reputable motor trader or car dealer when the time comes to invest in a second hand car. Not only should you get some sort of warranty, you will also have the peace of mind that the car has been checked over and is safe to drive away. Plus, it’s much easier to haggle on price with a motor trader”.

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