Audi Release New App – Helps Track Business Milage

Operating a successful business under the current economic climate can be tasking for even the most hard working business people. Sometimes when a business starts to perform poorly, for any reason, it becomes necessary to try and cut costs. If you have a business that owns a fleet of vehicles or require numerous vehicles in conjunction with your work, you may see the benefits of using a mileage phone application.

The new phone app released by Audi is a quick and easy way of managing the miles your business vehicles produce. You may be tired of getting the mileage from your employees, collecting figures for every single journey and not really knowing if they have given you an accurate number. The app accurately tracks the mileage a vehicle does and records the data on a spreadsheet format for easier interpretation to calculate a week or months overall miles. The tracker uses GPS technology that works on a basis of how far you have travelled against how much a driver can claim per mile by your company.

This also makes it fairer for your employees as they can claim for the fuel they have used whilst on business more accurately – meaning if there has been road diversions on their travels this would be taken into account by the technology. Additionally keeping tabs on your driving employees will deter them from claiming more mileage than they have actually done, therefore making the business both more efficient as well as cutting motoring costs down to a minimum.

The new technology is available on the iPhone and cleverly has the ability to email you the log of mileage it has recorded over a given period. Unfortunately, unless all your employees own an iPhone it would be counterproductive buying several of these high valued phones just to save extra money on mileage. However, like most things, eventually smart phones with apps such as these will be the norm for people. An alternate way to make cut backs for your company is to get a better deal on your fleet insurance, contact Think today for a competitive quote.

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