Are you prepared for Euro 2012? Your Insurance Guide to Euro 2012

Those of you who are contemplating on taking the pilgrimage to support the three lions this year in the Ukraine / Poland, may consider the implications of not getting yourself covered with correct travel and car insurance. Whether you are braving a long perilous car/coach journey or taking to the skies, it is always well worth getting yourself covered as if it was any other holiday abroad. We all hope for that perfect holiday atmosphere but when things turn sideways there is no worse feeling than realising you have no insurance coverage – almost as painful as when England lose that “oh so important” semi-final!

Travelling By Car

It is important to remember that your vehicle (particularly if it is over ten years old) may not meet foreign rules and regulations. Older vehicles in some circumstances do not conform to the safety specifications required in some countries. It is urged that motorists thoroughly check this before embarking on their travels. It is equally significant that motorists understand the laws and legislation regarding road use through each individual country. This will decrease any interruption upon your extensive journey and safeguard you from convictions in countries whereby you assume you haven’t broken the law.

The most efficient way of checking whether or not you are covered to drive overseas is to contact your motor insurance provider directly. Your MOT ought to be up to date and meet the safety requirements of the countries you are visiting (this varies from the UK requirements). Your driver’s license may not make you eligible to drive abroad even if you hold a certified UK drivers licence. In addition to an adequate drivers licence, any additional papers could be required whilst travelling through certain countries, e.g. international drivers permit.

Travel Insurance

Whilst embarking on your journey to Euro 2012 it is essential that you take out the correct travel insurance. This primarily covers you from Cancellation or Curtailment, Emergency Medical Expenses and Personal Possessions.  As with most other insurance coverage there are levels of coverage to choose from that can be tailored specifically to you. By not taking out a sufficient policy you could be mounted with foreign medical fees, loss of possessions and have no coverage in the event of a cancellation.

Bringing home the trophy

Ensuring your health & safety is a priority on any journey. How better to achieve this than to take the first step by contacting an insurance broker and ensuring you have the adequate car and/or travel insurance. By doing this you give yourself a sense of confidence, allowing you to enjoy the Euro 2012 to its fullest.

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