Are You A Law Breaker On The Road?

Taking a look at the recently released ‘RAC Report On Motoring 2010’ makes for some worrying reading in regards to certain road habits. The surveys that they carried out have revealed that over the last year there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who are breaking the law by using their mobile phone whilst driving. This begs the question, is that call really so important that you risk being pulled over by the police or even worse causing an accident? If the latter were to happen then you could end up with a big claim on your motor trade insurance policy.

The survey was conducted with 1,150 motorists being questioned about a wide range of subjects with varying thoughts and opinions. If we pay special attention to the usage of mobiles though, the results indicate that the number of people doing this has increased significantly. Last years figures showed that only 8% of motorists admitted to taking or making a call without using a hands free device whilst on the road and 11% admitted to texting whilst driving. However, this year those figures have jumped to 28% using their phone for a call and 31% for a text. Admittedly that may be down to the people in this years survey giving more honest answers but that would only account for a small rise.

It is easy to see how a trader could be tempted to use their phone on the road, any call that is coming in to them could be a potential new customer. At the end of the day though, it would take a matter of seconds to find a safe place to pull over and either answer or return the call. Surely this is a much better alternative than putting yourself and others in danger due to being distracted whilst on a call.

A contrasting statistic in the report is that 90% of the drivers that were questioned deemed themselves to be completely law abiding motorists. When you look at the figures for mobile usage this can only mean that some of the people do not see this breaking the law. With the police visibly cracking down on motorists who are caught using their mobile, you would hope that the percentage next year will have started to come down.

It is definitely something that all traders should think about carefully. Yes, taking that call may mean some more business for you but it could also mean that you end up severely injuring yourself and others if you have a crash. You don’t want to end up having to make a claim on your motor trade insurance because you couldn’t wait a few more seconds to take a call!

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