9-17 Seat Minibus Insurance for Hire or Reward

Some information from Think Insurance for people looking to insure a minibus:

Where a minibus is used for a business activity, for commercial profit, or where there is any payment by passengers giving them the right to be carried this is deemed to be for ‘hire or reward’. You can also obtain minibus insurance for other uses and this is generally a lot cheaper. Eg for a large family to get around!

There are certain types of commercial businesses such as private nursing and school nurseries etc that operate a minibus as a part of their business. If the business receives payment by their clients in their care, which indirectly includes the use of the minibus, this would be classed as ‘hire and reward’. Another example of ‘hire and reward’ is where petrol money is exchanged for taking children to school or where a hotel may provide a courtesy minibus service.

‘Hire and reward’ minibus users, are required to have a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) – Category D Licence. There is more information on this subject online that can help any prospective drivers.

Hire and Reward drivers need a suitable type of minibus insurance cover so always make sure that you speak to an expert broker who can help with your policy.

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