Moving To Fleet Insurance Could Be Beneficial For Your Business

Many small businesses are now reaping the benefits of changing from insuring their vehicles on an individual basis, to an all encompassing fleet insurance policy. This can save huge amounts of time and hassle – not to mention the financial rewards that can ultimately be gained.

The options of cover on a fleet policy are varied and can include ‘any driver’ policies whereby any person with authorisation from said company can drive the vehicles for both personal and business use.

Many fleet underwriters will consider drivers who are under the age of 25 (with possibly some restrictions as to the vehicles they can drive and for what use). Generally all drivers must have had their licence for at least 12 months, less than six penalty points on their licence and no more than two fault claims in the previous 3- 5 years driving history.

You can put all your vehicles conveniently under one policy with one set of bonus or claims experience as it becomes on a fleet policy. This means you don’t have to monitor multiple policies from multiple brokers with multiple prices.

For small businesses changing over to fleet insurance policies these financial rewards may not be realised within the first twelve months. However once they have a year’s ‘claims history’ many more fleet underwriters will be vying for their business. This puts the potential client in a much better position to shop around for not only the right fleet policy to suit their business needs but also their bank balances.

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