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Part-Time Motor Trade – Parking Jockeys Insurance

All part-time parking jockeys know that just because you aren’t usually in any one vehicle for any length of time, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t potential for accidents to happen. Any short journeys on the road still need to be insured, and when you’re driving some very high powered, high value, exotic cars, you need to make sure you have adequate cover in place should the worst happen.

With our policies, we understand that you probably won’t be spending all of your time working as a parking jockey, and so can include Additional Business Use (ABU) to cover you whilst working any additional occupation you have.

At Think Insurance, we provide both Road Risks, Parking Risks and Liability Insurance, and can include all of the standard things you would expect to see in your motor trade insurance policy, plus some additional features that you may require such as:

  • Specialist schemes for Part-time Parking Jockeys
  • Public & Employee Liability cover
  • Complete UK based claims management service
  • Flexible payment options
  • Split Indemnity
  • Multiple Drivers covered
  • Poor Accident or Convictions history
  • Multi Premises
  • Compound cover
  • Tool cover
  • No Claims Bonus protection
  • Complete UK based claims management service
  • Drivers with poor accident and conviction history covered
  • Plus much, much more!

Don’t forget that as a part-time parking jockey, you might have to provide proof of trading – so make sure you keep copies of any receipts or invoices for any equipment, tools or supplies you may purchase.

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Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance

For smaller, part-time parking jockeys operating from home, our Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance policies are tailor made. Our policies include cover for driving or moving vehicles as part of your day-to-day business activity and can also include Public Liability cover.

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We can also provide cover for people working as full-time parking jockeys.

More reasons to choose Think Insurance for your part-time car parking jockeys motor trade insurance:

  • Our policies are underwritten by some of the most respected companies in the game and our 24hr free claims helpline from Wisecall is based solely in the UK.
  • We offer flexible payment options including a range of instalment plans as well as direct debit facilities.
  • We do not impose a limit on the amount of vehicles you can include on your policy, and can cover vehicles up to 7.5T if required.
  • We do not have any overseas call centres and all of our staff are qualified and equipped to handle your insurance needs.
  • We run our company along small brokerage lines so can give you and your business the focus, attention and level of customer service you deserve – we make sure you feel valued and aren’t just another number to us.

Get a parking jockeys motor trade insurance quote today and see the difference we can make to your business.

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