Your Motor Traders Insurance Could Cover You For A Speeding Ban

A Motor Trade  Insurance Policy should satisfy most of your needs but you should also consider the additional products your broker can provide. There are a whole range of extra tools which may be of interest to you apart from the free help and advice. An excellent example of this is a Camera Guard Policy.

Aren’t we all fed up of seeing these speed cameras? Most of us think they’re a blight on the landscape at best. You add speed cameras to the local constabulary’s vigilance and lets face it these days the majority of us out there have got a speeding conviction! Well if you are in this situation this may be of more than a little interest to you.

What this policy covers is if you receive a ban from a speeding conviction it will financially compensate you. The maximum ban covered is for 6 months long. A camera guard policy covers you for the 6 months – paying you up to £1000 a month in cover for alternative transport whilst you are banned . This can be in the form of any public transport, a taxi, or even if you need to add a driver onto the policy in order to carry on with your motor trade business. You can employ someone to take you to look at cars you want to buy and bring them back – that’s right this policy would cover it!

Getting banned from speeding is an increasing risk, with more and more convictions every year. If you already have a few points lurking on your licence then can you really afford to not have a policy like this?

With this type of cover available from just £24.99 for the year there really is no excuse if you want peace of mind that if the worst happens you can still carry on.

Ask us about adding a Camera Guard Policy to your motor traders insurance today. Think Insurance, Quality Service and Price

Think Insurance can provide you with a cheap insurance quote today, whether you are looking for a motor trade, home, taxi or commercial insurance policy, leave your details and we will contact you.

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