The Think Insurance guide to protecting your home.

Home is where the heart is… And your family, and some of your most prized and sentimental possessions.
Follow Think Insurance’s tips for securing your home and protecting your family and possessions.

If you haven’t got an alarm, get one
Security alarm systems are a crucial investment in the protection of your home. Alarms can alert the police, and neighbours if anyone breaks into your home. Do not advertise your brand of alarm, as burglars may be able to disable it, instead use a generic security sticker. Make sure your alarm installation meets the British Standard 4737/BS EN 50131.

Let there be light
Install a motion-sensor light if you live on a dark street. These will light up when anyone approaches your home making you aware of who’s nearby. If you don’t have access to a motion-sensor light, even a normal light will act as a deterrent of burglary.
Don’t limit your lighting to outside, leaving a light or two on inside your home while your out will give the impression that your house is occupied. If you’re going away consider investing in an automatic timer device, these will turn off and on your lights and other electrical devices, such as television and radio, at random intervals, this is more convincing than leaving your lights round the clock.

Use your garage.
If you use your garage as a spare room, stop it. Have a good clear out and make sure you get in to the routine of parking in the garage, not only does this protect your car but it makes it harder for a potential thief to track your comings and goings. Remember to always lock the garage door whenever you don’t need to access it.

Windows and doors.
Doors are mainly the primary route of entry for many burglars, so its important you make sure they are secure. Your door should be fitted with a five lever mortice deadlock and sit in a strong frame that can support your door, hinges and lock. Don’t forget about your back door, ensure your back door is securely fitted and locked when not in use. Any glass panels in your front or back door should be laminated and fitted from the inside to prevent the putty or beading being removed. Avoid leaving keys in or near the door as burglars may be able to access these.
Make sure you lock your windows when you’re not home, even if you pop out for a few minutes unsecured locks and open windows invite in opportunist thieves. Consider investing in double glazing, as it is not only stronger and more difficult to smash, but most double glazing systems should be fitted with internal locks. Never leave valuables, personal information or keys near open windows.
Know your neighbours
Its important as a community to look out for each other; making friends with your neighbours not only creates a social harmony but they’re more likely to alert you or the police if they see a stranger or suspicious behavior in or around your home.

Keep fencing high and hedges low.
While thorny hedges can be used as a deterrent, its important to keep any hedge or shrubbery small and neat, making burglars unable to conceal themselves while trying to break in. Allowing passers-by to see the front of your home means a thief cannot work without being spotted.
If you have fencing leading on to a back garden make sure its high and strong,  as a  low, broken, or sagging fence could attract thieves.
Cover up
It’s always nice to look outside your window on to passers by or a at beautiful view, but what can the outside world see of you? Stand outside your house and look in; what you can see, thieves can see. Close your curtains or try moving valuables to another room or out of sight. Net curtains and Sheer Voile Panels are great for allowing light in the room, and prevent outsiders from looking in.

While following these security tips to protect your home, its important you take out home and contents insurance in case the worst does happen.
If you need home or contents insurance, get in touch with Think Insurance or fill in our online form for a quote.

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