Renewing Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy

When it is time for your motor trade insurance policy to be renewed you should think carefully about a few key details that could save you lots of money.


  • When renewing your insurance policy remember if you give the correct details and in good time, you may get a reduced price to the year before. Always be on the look out for the best quote available, staying with your current provider through convenience will not save you money.


  • In all likelihood, if you have driven in a safe manner, your current provider will offer you a reduced rate on your previous years quote. If you do go with your same provider make a point of checking which extras are added to your policy and weigh up if you need them. If you do not need them, and if possible, have them removed and save yourself some money. There’s no point paying for something you don’t want.


  • When passing on details about your car to the insurers, make sure your details are correct and up to date. Pass on any change of address or circumstances. Mistakes could mean that you do not receive any money if you do suffer an accident or theft.


  • Make sure you include driving convictions that you have received. These must be given to the company to make sure that the policy is correct. You may end up having to pay extra on your premium but that’s better than finding out you cannot claim when you need to.


Your motor trade insurance renewal is the perfect time to make some savings on your insurance. So heed our advice and get the best out of your policy.

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