Part Time Motor Trade Insurance For Sellers

There are  people around the country that sell just a small number of cars throughout the year. They are not selling as a full time occupation and may just be doing it to earn themselves a little bit of extra cash (with the economy how it is who can blame them!). Others simply love the buzz of selling cars. Whatever their reasons for doing so, the fact that they are involved in trading/working with cars on a regular basis means that they could be classed as working within the motor trade – this means that they should have a trade policy to be correctly covered in the event of a claim. This doesn’t mean that they need to pay for a full blown traders policy with all the bells and whistles but it does mean that they can be covered for their own and other people’s vehicles. (Always subject to terms and conditions of course!)

You will usually find that taking out one of these so called “part time” policies means that you can still get all of the added benefits of a full time one. You should  still be allowed to make additions to your  cover so that you can add demonstration use, stock of vehicles or public liability for instance,  to make sure that you are insured for all relevant risks. People that are working within the trade, but only on a part time basis, should not be discriminated against because of that fact but this can sometimes happen. Some insurer’s will see them as being a higher risk than someone doing it as their only job for various reasons – but why should this be the case?

In summary -If you are currently selling cars in addition to your  everyday job then you should make sure that you do things properly and find yourself an understanding  insurer. Easier said than done I hear you say? Choosing a broker that can offer you a tailor made policy for your specific situation means that you will end up getting a much better deal, and a fairer price. Taking out a part time traders insurance policy shouldn’t mean being ripped off – so it is best to consult with a knowledgeable broker to find out exactly what is best for you and how they can help.

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