Look after your Tools, Tradesman!

If you are a gardener, mechanic, plumber, electrician, handy man, or work in any other industry that requires tools, you’ll know the importance of them to your business. It’s your tools that keep your business going, this is why you need to get a decent tradesman insurance policy that can help you keep your business going if your tools should be lost or stolen.


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Without your tools, you’ll struggle to get your jobs done on time, or even get them them done at all, they are a massive part of your business.

Tradesman’s Insurance

You need to get the correct insurance to protect your tools and equipment from the unfortunate event of theft, so you can continue working without added costs to your business. Power tools and equipment are expensive business assets and if taken the cost of replacing them could damage the businesses finances.

Tradesman’s insurance protects all equipment and hand power tools from theft, and there is no limit set to how many you can insure. This will ensure that should anything be stolen you can have it replaced quickly.

Worried About Costs?

When you have to pay for your vehicle, building and liability insurance you may feel you can overlook cover for your tools, but we’d implore you not to, because of the time and financial damage that could be caused without it in place.

There are many protection plans in place, and with Think you can have the insurance made to fit you.

We advise all mobile tradesman to get their tools and equipment covered. Leaving any tools overnight in a van will put them at risk of theft, even if it is properly locked and alarmed, this will not guarantee their safety.

Don’t get your stung by the loss of your tools get the appropriate cover in place. Tradesman’s insurance will cover your tools and keep your business going.

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