Is Your Traders Insurance Broker Up to Scratch?

There will always be people who are only influenced by price, and that’s absolutely fine, but for others other things come into play when choosing their Motor Trade Insurance policy. Here are some thoughts about broker, or insurance company competence that may help.

Call Centres

A  justifiable subject of hate throughout the insurance landscape. Do you sit on hold for ages only to speak to an unhappy assistant? Do you get to speak to someone who knows their stuff, or do you get to speak to the newly trained office junior? A good company fields comprehensively trained staff who are happy to help. Remember, a saving of a few pounds may seem good when you take the policy out but please make sure that you won’t regret your decision whilst later listening to “Greensleeves” on hold!

Just a number?

How big is the company you’re with? Do they value your business or are you just a number on a printout? Some large companies have excellent customer service, but they are generally the exception. A smaller business will value your business a lot more as the simple truth is they need your custom to survive! Also, a smaller company will generally be more helpful with any problems that may arise during your 12mths.


Are you charged  for things that should be free? Does your company charge you for MID adjustments or for duplicate documents? There can be many hidden charges with some companies, from excessive instalment charges to high Legal Protection policies. Ask what fees might be levied during the year before you buy your policy.

Insurance company choice

Which insurance companies your broker uses can tell you a lot about the company. Do they use quality ones who help you in the event of a claim, or do they use 2nd tier ones who are only after your money? An excellent insurance company is worth a couple of quid if it gives you peace of mind and security. So don’t be afraid to ask your broker for their advice on which one suits you best!

I hope that this brief summary helps you in your insurance choices. Please feel free to call one of our expert advisers for  one to one advice on your Motor Trade Insurance policy selection.

Think Insurance – Quality, Service and Price.

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