How to Choose the Right Motor Traders Insurance Policy

There are a variety of Motor Traders Insurance policies available to you in the trade. Whether you are a mechanic, seller, valeter, car restorer or any other profession in the motor trade you could do with assessing what policies you need and the different options available to you. It is essential (especially in the current economic climate) that you choose the right policy so that no extra pennies or pounds are wasted on cover that you simply don’t need. Some situations are complex, if the issues are known a policy that perfectly suits you can be drawn up quickly due to our years of experience dealing with trade insurance. As our Director Garrath puts it ‘with age sometimes comes wisdom, well, that’s what us old gits like to think anyway!’

So what are the different types of policy? You have road risk cover, liability cover and combined cover. They all have varying types of cover and some are suited to some traders more than others. Road Risk cover will give you coverage on vehicles  owned by the business as well as those that the business has in their possession for work purposes. Liability cover can be essential if you have customers who regularly, or indeed infrequently, visit your place of work. If you can make sure you have this policy it will protect you if anyone happens to get injured. You will be covered against any claims that the claimant could potentially make against you. Combined cover does exactly what it says on the tin and includes both the above mentioned type of cover as well as any/some from the following:

Damage to buildings, stock of vehicles, your equipment machinery, tools and much more if needed.  So feel free to give us a call to see how we can choose the right motor traders insurance policy for you.

Think Insurance can provide you with a cheap insurance quote today, whether you are looking for a motor trade, home, taxi or commercial insurance policy, leave your details and we will contact you.

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