Fuel efficient cars surge in price

An increase in demand for the most fuel efficient used cars has resulted in a price increase, confirms Europe’s No.1 Vehicle Remarketing Company, British Car Auctions (BCA). It is thought that the main reason for the price rise is due to a shortage of this type of vehicle in the market.

“The demand is there, but supply is a major issue for anyone wanting to buy the most fuel efficient used vehicles” says Tim Naylor, BCA. He goes on to say “A quick look at our online stock locator on just one day found only 78 vehicles for sale throughout our nationwide network of auctions that matched the Fuel-Economy.co.uk list of most fuel efficient cars. This is fairly representative of the current low availability of these vehicles as used cars and compares to the 12,000 plus vehicles BCA typically has consigned for sale on any given day.”

With fuel prices rising again last month, there appears to be no respite for motorists. The latest fuel index indicates that the latest rise is the largest seen in recent times, and this comes despite Government lobbying to slow down the rises. Unsurprisingly, the continued rise in fuel prices looks set to bring about a change in consumer attitudes towards eco-cars.

Drivers will undoubtedly begin to look at the cost benefits of fuel efficient vehicles, combined with lower CO2 emissions. A director of nextgreencar.com claims that the increased interest in eco vehicles is also due to the recession.

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