Drink Driving Laws in Scotland to be Tightened on December 5th

The law in Scotland relating to how much alcohol can be in a persons system while driving has been heavily tightened. The Amount of alcohol per 100ml of blood has nearly halved.

Think recently investigated how much alcohol someone can drink before departing on a car journey legally. Shortly after we released this article the Scottish Government changed their laws so that less alcohol can now be in someone’s system when they drive.

In a bid to improve road safety and discourage drivers from having any alcohol in their systems, the Scottish Government will enforce a tighter regimen surrounding drink driving. Instead of the UK’s standard 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, the Scottish limit will be reduced to 50mg per 100ml, nearly half of the previous law.

The new laws will commence in December 5th 2014, there are worries that people driving from England to Scotland may start driving under the limit but then be over the limit when they crossed the border.

A health board has issued advice to motorists surrounding the drink driving limits. The advice is simple, if you’ve had a drink, don’t drive. You may easily be over the limit.

The law was passed after Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill created plans to have the alcohol limit reduced at the start of this year.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill set out plans to lower the alcohol limit earlier this year.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway offered this advice to drivers:

“Although there are accepted average time frames for how quickly units of alcohol are metabolised there are a number of related factors which can affect blood alcohol levels such as age, weight and metabolism.

“Our best possible advice is that people should not drive after drinking at all as evidence suggests that a person’s driving ability may still be impaired while their blood alcohol levels are below the current legal limit.”

National and Border Campaign 

A huge campaign will launch this week on billboards and ITV border, a broadcaster that screens to people in Southern Scotland and Northern England, aimed at creating awareness and informing people of the laws surrounding the limit and what could happen if you cross the border over the limit. You will see the billboards and advertisements and signposting in specific locations around the Scottish Border.

The hope is to ensure everyone is fully aware of the new laws. 

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