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Uninsured Lamborghini Aventador seized by police

A Lamborghini Aventador has been seized in east London after police discovered the driver’s policy did not cover him to get behind the wheel.
The £400,000 sports car, which can do 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, was stopped initially due to it not having a front number plate, this then led the police to carry out further checks.
It was just one of the 180 vehicles seized last Tuesday as part of Operation Cubo, a plan of action to crack down on uninsured vehicles.
Just under forty people were arrested for offences including driving without insurance, robbery and drink driving.
More than 11,500 vehicles have been seized during 22 one-day operations since it first launched in October last year.
Ch Supt Sultan Taylor, of Safer Transport Command (STC), said: “The STC works to keep the travelling public safe and part of our duty includes carrying out operations such as Cubo which help to keep uninsured and dangerous drivers off London’s roads.”

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How to get attention with a new car

If you thought that it would do just to buy a new car to get someone’s attention, think again. Over 2 million new cars are bought in the UK alone every year. This clearly means you have to go the extra mile to make your new car stand out from the crowd. There are a number of ways to approach this task.


One of them is to simply buy a car that stands out. A car model that has features, either internal or external, that set it apart from the average automobile. This means that you should be prepared to pay extra for that suede dashboard or for that speedometer that has a unique red glow. Many carmakers can customise vehicles for those who place orders for them and you can take advantage of this to ask them to replace the ordinary brake pads with the glaring orange ceramic variety. There are many other additions or subtractions you can ask for but prepare your wallet accordingly to foot the cost.


You could also grab eyes with your new car by buying a car make or model that few other people drive. If you buy a Toyota, for instance, you will struggle to get attention as it is a rather common vehicle, unless it is an especially rare model. But if you pull up at your office parking lot in a brand new Alpha Romeo or Lamborghini, you won’t have to tell anyone you have a new car; the word will spread like a wild fire. The cars produced by the above two carmakers are not sold for a song, and you must be prepared to pay to stand out.


For the testosterone-driven guy in his twenties or that teenager who wants to show off to his classmates, there is but one option; get the car ‘pimped’. America has successfully sold the concept of buying cars and then kitting them out extravagantly to youngsters around the world. Few youths were not engrossed in the TV show hosted by American hip-hop star Xzibit titled ‘Pimp my Ride’. In following this part of Californian culture, youths in the UK have fitted massive chrome rims on their tyres, appended garish spoilers onto their boots and splashed LCD screens all over the interior. This, topped off with a raucous car stereo boosted by several woofers is a sure way of turning heads with your new car.

This article is brought to you by Think Insurance, High Net Worth.

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Aston Martin DBS

The current Aston Martin DBS was introduced in 2007. To those familiar with the brand, the car is based on the DB9 and is seen as the replacement for the old Aston Martin Vanquish S. It shares much in common with the DB9 however and extensive use of carbon fibre in areas such as the front wings, bonnet and boot gives it significant weight savings over the former model. The brief here was to create a flagship sports model for the brand with significant improvements to weight, power and handling.

What follows is a brief description of improvements over the basic DB9 model.

·        Carbon Ceramic brakes offer a significant weight saving over standard steel discs and are extremely effective, especially on the track. Adaptive dampers alter the ride characteristics under varying road and weather conditions. The system is able to sharpen the brakes, throttle response and steering to suit the driving style.

·        The engine shares the same displacement as the DB9, 5.9 litre V12, but with a fair amount of modification so it bears more resemblance to the engines found in the racing Aston Martins, namely the DBR9. Power is up to 510 BHP and torque is a healthy 420 lb-ft. There are two types of transmission available, a standard 6 speed manual, and a “Touchtronic 2” automatic transmission.

·        Performance figures speak for themselves and are going to be impressive, naturally. The 0-62 MPH is dealt with in 4.3 seconds and if you are brave enough and it is legal to do so the car will hit 191MPH!

·        Inside it is the usual mix of class and sophistication; something Aston Martin knows much about. Combining these classic English traits with a sporting bent shouldn’t be easy to do but of course, Aston Martin pulls this off with great aplomb. It’s a mix of Alcantara leather, wood, steel and carbon fibre. Bang & Olufsen developed a 1000w hifi especially for this car complete with an up to date iPod connector, just in case you tire of that V12 howl.

Everything on this car oozes quality and attention to detail – there is no key as such, more a crystal and steel square block which when pushed into a snug fit hole in the dash fires the engine to life: The name for this device? An ECU or Emotion Control Unit! Only Aston Martin could pull this off.

If you are in the market for one of the best GT cars money can buy either new or second hand, don’t overlook the Aston Martin DBS. Of course you will need to obtain full insurance for the vehicle as writing off over £180,000 could feel rather painful! Although Aston Martin offers insurance cover, you may find a high net worth insurance broker can offer equal quality at a lower premium.


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Buying a Classic TVR

Have you considered buying a classic TVR? Maybe you thought that buying such a two-seat sports car was beyond your reach? This needn’t be the case. Prices for good condition models are comparable with new small family hatchbacks and they should hold their value well if looked after. Once you have decided which model you’re interested in it is very important to check for common faults – this can save you from expensive repair bills in the long run.

We will look briefly at two models, namely the Griffith and the Chimaera. The original Griffith was showcased in 1990, with the Chimaera following a short time later. The Griffith is your archetypal roadster with a big V8 out front, with the Chimaera satisfying those who required a bigger boot and a slightly more forgiving ride. Both models were fitted with a Rover sourced V8 and engine sizes started at 4 litres, eventually ending up at 5 litres. The engine is fairly old school by today’s standards, but it is easily tunable and reliable if properly maintained.

What follows are some key points to check when considering a purchase of either model. Not only will this give piece of mind, but they should also be useful bargaining tools:

·        Firstly the camshaft will last around 50000 miles, expect to pay around £1500 for a new one.

·        Oil leaks are common on this engine, with the main culprit being the rocker cover gasket.

·        Listen for blowing from the exhausts; this could indicate either manifold gasket leaks or cracks in the exhaust. Stainless steel replacements are available but will be pricey. Good news from the gearbox and clutch though, they are very durable if not continually abused.

·        Suspension and brakes are also up to the job and should need little attention; save for suspension bushes though as they do wear out.

·        Another area to check over thoroughly is the body work, inspect for rust and crash damage, its worth pointing out that these models don’t have bumpers – so any dings and knocks will be made straight to the bodywork.


Because of the age of these models, you will probably be buying private or from a specialist dealer. Don’t shy away from high mileage examples however, as long as the service book has all its stamps and the work has been carried out by someone who knows about TVR’s you wont go far wrong and could pick up a bargain. Finding an insurance broker who deals with classic cars will also save you time and money, without you having to trawl through lots of companies.

Hopefully buying a classic TVR will be an enjoyable experience, what better way to start looking forward to summer!


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Considering buying a Porsche, but which model?

Considering buying a Porsche, but which model? Then read on… There is currently an advertising campaign for Porsche in North America; it is trying to convince the good people of the USA that a Porsche is an “everyday” car! The ad reminds us that although it’s primarily a sports car manufacturer, its products can provide a daily service. How about an intelligent four wheel drive system for those vital journeys in the snow and ice, or picking the children up from school, (let’s hope its nursery and not college)?

Is this really what the general public consider when they decide that the time is right for the purchase of one of the most iconic and popular sports car brands? Now of course you may not know that certain models are available with four wheel drive or that Billie and Susie will fit in the Porsche baby seats, (did you know that Porsche made a baby seat??) Finding this out may have sealed the deal as it were, but I would wager that it’s not top of your list of priorities. Your heart buys a Porsche and not your head! Want room to do the school run, buy a people carrier, concerned about slipping and sliding your way through the winter season, buy a Land Rover or some such! There are far more capable ways of going about your daily routine without having to compromise on space or sure footedness.

Talk about Porsche and there is good chance you will conjure up an image of the classic 911, 60 years of history, each model organically better than the last, engine always at the back with its associated weight ready to catapult the driver around that next bend. There is no doubting the 911’s credentials but time and technology move on. With that in mind we come swiftly on to the Porsche Cayman, (named after the island and not the lizard, as the spelling suggests). Released in 2006 to a glittering reception, this was a new Porsche from the ground up, except that it wasn’t. Loosely based on the Boxter platform but with a rigid roof it quickly established itself as a class leader in the sub 50K sports car category. Mid engined and low slung it was an instant hit, available with 2.7 and 3.4 litre engines, twin boot load areas and just enough refinement to remind you this was indeed a Porsche. Rumour had it that Porsche engineers were briefed by bosses that it should not be as good as a 911 costing nearly 15K more – they clearly struggled with that concept. The important thing to bear in mind is that both new and second hand costs are still reasonable when compared with the 911, this means you’ve still enough change for a second car. Considering buying a Porsche, but which model? Don’t pass up on the Cayman, according to the North American ad men – it may be all you need!

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