Adding your partner to your motor trade policy

Did you know that you can quite easily add your partner onto your Motor Trade Insurance policy?

Well, now you do!

Adding your partner to your motor trade policy could potentially save you a lot of money, as you are adding them for a fraction of the price, as opposed to paying for separate insurance policies.

Let’s say you move into a house with your partner, and you are paying insurance for two cars on two separate policies, and you are both paying around £450 each. Now, if you were to take out a trade policy for around £500, you can cancel your spouse’s car insurance and add them on to your cover. This will save you one set of insurance premiums and lower the cost of insurance for the both of you by almost half! Your partner will not even lose their no claims bonus, as you can cancel a policy and keep the discount for up to 2 years without using it.

And, (another big saver!) you don’t even have to be married! As most companies will class your partner as someone cohabiting with you.

You can add your significant other onto your policy for as little as 5% of your total premium, and that will cover the both of you for your everyday work.

So, if you have got a motor trade policy, then get in touch with Think and see how little it could cost to get your partner added!

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