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The Ethics Behind Self Driving Cars

self driving cars future of technology intelligent

Driving Morality to the Edge, Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars are soon to become a common sight on UK roads. With the responsibility of driving taken out of the hands of the person behind the wheel, the concerns about how the car will react to ethical dilemmas has been a hot topic in recent news.

Automotive engineers are attempting to program new self-driving vehicles to make split second, ethically right decisions.

When following rules or laws do not provide an answer to an ethical dilemma, we rely on our morals to justify how we should act.(1) But how can a machine make the right decision when it comes to a serious ethical dilemma?


Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles 

benefits of intelligent smart self driving cars Autonomous vehicles will be fitted with state of the art technology designed to give the passengers a safe, comfortable journey without having to worry about other road users, road works and potential accidents. In the next couple of years, a Super Cruise feature should be available in some vehicles which enables the car to see the road. Using an array of sensors, lasers, radar, cameras and GPS technology, the car will be able to analyse it’s surroundings. (2)

Not only will vehicles be able to take over most of the driving but also be able to communicate.Vehicle to vehicle communication will change how traffic flows and even how highway’s are designed. (2) This new technology will alert the driver to any hazards on the road ahead and communicate this information with other road users, preventing accidents and congestion.


Self- Driving Concerns

Self driving vehicles could mean a significant rise in unemployment. People who work as bus, taxi, truck and delivery drivers could face unemployment with the development of autonomous vehicles. Self driving cars will be more cost effective, never need a break or to go on holiday and should not make any mistakes on the road. This would therefore make them superior to any human driver.

customer service in motor trade businesses what it needed faqRelying heavily on self driving vehicles could mean that we become lazy drivers and stop paying attention to the road ahead. Despite self driving cars being able to make fast decision on the road, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the driver should not be in control of the vehicle from a top level approach. The car will not be able to read your mind in terms of where you want to go or if you decide to re-route. This then will require you to take control again of the vehicle which requires you to have been paying attention initially. (3) With Super Cruise technology, the vehicle will require the driver to take control of the car if it detects a hazard ahead, so the machine will not be able to perform all types of road manoeuvres unassisted.

In the event of a self-driving car accident, where people have been injured or even killed, who would be held responsible. The driver, who might not have been able to change the outcome of the event or the manufacturer/ engineers who have preinstalled a particular set of moral codes which has caused the vehicle to manoeuvre in a particular way. (4)

Will your new self-driving car be programmed to sacrifice you in order to save others? People are debating whether self driving cars will be programmed to substitute your life, as the driver, in order to save people outside of the vehicle. This concerning ethical issue is sure to be raised further as the reality of autonomous vehicles heats up. (5)

smart cars making moral manoeuvres self driving navigating decisions

Making Moral Manoeuvres

Ethical dilemmas occur in all aspects of life. Making the right decision can often depend on a number of factors and the circumstances when the event occurs.

Even for human beings, understanding how to evaluate a situation and apply the right rule and therefore make the ethically right decision is difficult, let alone for a machine.

One clear example of an ethical decision an autonomous vehicle may face on the road, is if the car approaches a cyclist on the left hand side. Should the car move over to the middle of the road and put the passengers at greater risk or to remain close to the cyclist and potentially intimidate them, which could lead to an accident?

Google’s new autonomous vehicles claim to have software installed which will aid the vehicle to make the right decision. Three questions are presented to the machine.

  1. How much information would be gained by making this manoeuvre?
  2. What’s the probability that something bad will happen?
  3. How bad would that something be?.

If the risk outweighed the information gained, the car would proceed to make such a manoeuvre. The question is, what would the car do if the risk and information gained values were equal?(4)

According to recent reports from KPMG (the UK’s leading provider of professional services including audit, tax and advisor) self driving cars will lead to approximately 150 fewer deaths a year. There is no doubt that the introduction of autonomous vehicles on UK roads will reduce the amount of accidents that occur, but there is still concerns about leaving life or death situations in the hands of a machine. (8)

Think Insurance offer competitive motor trade insurance for businesses around the UK. For more information please visit https://www.think-ins.co.uk










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Top Tips for UK Car Dealers

top tips for car dealers on how to grow your business motor trade profit

Buying a car is a big investment, and it’s important for you, as a dealer, to understand that.

To help you help your customers, we have come up with a few easy-to-follow tips to make the whole purchasing process easier for everyone involved.

Perfection is Key

key ways tips to help grow car retailers businesses

No-one wants to buy a dirty car, so make sure you spend time thoroughly cleaning any vehicles you plan to sell, inside and out. Potential buyers could be put off from buying a car completely if it is dirty and neglected, whereas a clean car looks like a cared-for car, and could potentially add hundreds of pounds to its value.

If you’re advertising your cars online make sure all of the photos are sharp, in focus and taken when they are well-lit and dry. Have plenty of space around each car so you can fit the whole car in the image without any distracting background objects. Include extra images of important details such as alloy wheels and interiors.

Top tip: If you are selling a car from home, consider driving to a nicer area to take photographs, rather than have the car parked on the kerb outside your home.


planing your motor sales business prepare

Being prepared for the customer is vital. Make sure you are ready with all of the required documents and paperwork, as well as knowledge about the car. Be prepared for any questions the customer may have about the car, if you come across as well informed and confident, this will ease any worries or queries the customers may have.

There is currently a Plug In Car Grant available of up to £5000 off the asking price of electric and hybrid vehicles. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of the grant before dealing with a customer or recommending this type of car. If they enquire, be sure to have the information to hand.

Find out more about the Plug In Car Grant.

Knowledge is Power

knowledge of your business will help

At the end of the day, you want to sell your cars, so when talking to customers or listing them online, you should push their best features. Make sure you sell the strong points and desirable features such as air-conditioning, leather seats and in-car parking features.

Keep up to date with new models, trends within the auto trade industry and technological advances. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders update their website regularly with new developments and statistics within the industry.

Our 2015 motor trade statistics infographic has been designed using the recent facts and figures from the site.

Be Patient 

being patient with your business waiting success

Buying a car can be daunting for some people, so make sure your customer service is at its best. The more helpful you are, the higher the chance is of them using you again, or at least recommending your company to a friend. Make sure you give a buyer enough space to consider the purchase rather than pressure them into making a hard sell.

If you are trying to sell cars quickly, using social media is a great way to engage with potential customers. Often people will prefer to browse cars online before viewing them on site. Posting offers and discounts on social media will encourage people to visit your showroom or at least enquire about the vehicles available.

Motor Trade Insurance 

motor insurance sales preparing your cars test drive

Make sure your Motor Trade insurance policy includes demonstration cover. Demonstration cover enables potential customers to test drive vehicles before they make the decision to buy. If you can’t offer a test drive to customers, the chances are they will not purchase the car. Would you buy a car before test driving it?

Make sure that you are fully insured as a motor trade business. Be aware that your home insurance won’t cover a home motor trade business. To find out more, read our article here. 

Customer Service 

customer service in motor trade businesses what it needed faq

Ensure that all cars undergo a full service. This should include topping up oil and water levels, and making sure the tyres are correctly inflated and the car has a valid MOT. Little things like this help build a successful business, as customers are likely to recommend you to family and friends if they know you are trustworthy, so go the extra mile for the customer.

There is no point risking your business’ reputation by trying to sell cars which are damaged or in bad condition. Motor trade businesses rely heavily on word of mouth recommendations.

To make good use of any customer reviews your business receives, publish them online either via social media or directly onto your website.

To find out how to use social media as a motor trader read our guide here. 

If you work in the Motor Trade Industry, get in touch with Think Insurance today so see how much you could save on your Motor Trade or Part Time Motor Trade Insurance.


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The Evolution of the Electric Car Mechanic

Evolution of an Electric Car Technician

It was recently announced that the Plug In Car Grant is set to be extended until early next year. With a £5,000 financial incentive to buy an electric car, we’ve taken a look at what this could mean for mechanics in the UK.

Electric cars and other ultra low emission vehicles are becomingly increasingly common on UK roads. The main attraction of such cars for consumers, is the opportunity to save a lot of money on gas and maintenance. However an electric car is still an automobile with parts that inevitably will wear out and need to be replaced.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the demand for ultra-low emission vehicles is currently exceeding 10,000, almost four times higher than in 2014. There are currently around 35,705 ultra low emission vehicles registered in the UK, with experts claiming sales will continue to rise. (1)

Electric Car MechanicWhen electric vehicles were first brought to market in the UK, the only way to repair the vehicle or conduct any maintenance work, was to take it back to the manufacturer or to a specialist mechanic who would charge a considerable amount for the job, compared to the average garage.

With sales of electric and hybrid cars rising each year, mechanics in the UK might consider developing their skills further to offer services and maintenance such as repairs and MOTs on this cutting edge technology.

In addition, the more mechanics who can offer these services will mean the more competitive the price will become, benefiting the consumer. (2)

Artboard 1

Electric cars are more expensive to buy than their petrol and diesel counterparts, however the maintenance cost of the vehicle is said to be considerably lower. Unlike other models, ULEV’s do not have as many parts and fluids which could go wrong and need replacing. Apart from the need to change the battery after a number of years, the car should be able to save the owner a lot of money in the long run.

Like gasoline powered cars, electric cars will still need to undergo an MOT annually once they are over three years old. The test will be very similar to any other MOT and is performed by a qualified MOT tester.

The test will analyse whether the car meets roadworthy requirements and should usually last just over half an hour. The mechanic should check everything from the brakes, suspension and steering to the lights, horn and tyre pressure.(3)




Petrol and diesel engines have over one hundred moving parts which can all cause issues if they breakdown, whereas an electric car only has five or six moving parts within its engine and so the chances of a breakdown are  less likely. (4)

The smaller number of parts of an electric engine, also means that if the vehicle needs to be repaired, the maintenance is easier to do and should therefore be cheaper.

As most of the electronic features in the vehicle will be new and modern, the chances of them needing to be replaced are low. If the electronic devices, such as an assisted parking system, do break down, they should be covered by the car’s insurance company and so be easily replaced.




Roadside breakdown is a nightmare for every driver. Having to wait for a recovery vehicle on the road is annoying at the least but for electric car owners, this common driving issue can be a complete disaster.

Unlike other vehicles, if an electric car breaks down, the roadside recovery services might not have the right tools to fix the vehicle immediately or even have the skills to assess what has gone wrong in the first place. Their only option is to simply transport you to the nearest dealership or specialist for a repair. This can cost both time and money.

However as electric vehicles become more widespread, repair, recovery and maintenance services should improve and meet the rising demand. Hopefully with more mechanics and recovery services developing their skill set to accommodate such vehicles the cost should also come down. (5)

Becoming an Electric Car Technician As in any business, it is vital to future-proof your business and adapt accordingly. Developing your skills as a specialist in any industry will only benefit you and your company. According to the National Careers Service website, the average UK car mechanic makes approximately £20,000 a year. However those who specialise can earn an extra £5,000 annually. (6)

Artboard 1 Copy 6The job of an electric car technician involves using electric and hybrid technology to diagnose faults, conduct maintenance work and repair such vehicles. (7) Daily tasks include taking readings using a laptop or hand-held device connected to an engine’s electricians control unit, often found in newer vehicles, researching faults, using manufacturers’ circuit diagrams and specification manuals, retesting the system to ensure it is working efficiently and maintaining electronic ignitions, alarms, tracking devices, parking and reverse cameras and any other features in or outside the vehicle.

For mechanics who are interested in developing their skills and specialising in electric car maintenance there are a number of ways of doing so. If you are already working as an automotive technician and want to specialise in electric vehicles, consider additional training to advance in your present job. There are a number of training courses you can take to get your qualified such as a Level 2 Diploma in Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Competence or a Level 3 Diploma in Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Principles. For more information visit National Careers Service Direct. (8) If you are thinking about starting out as a mechanic consider becoming an electric car technician apprentice.

Think Insurance specialise in mechanic’s insurance. Contact us for a competitive quote!


  1. http://www.smmt.co.uk/2015/06/new-car-registrations-grow-steadily-as-ultra-low-emission-vehicles-surge-past-10k-mark/

2. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1017978_car-repair-for-electric-vehicles-and-other-green-cars



5. https://blogs.ncl.ac.uk/sustainability/2013/03/11/electric-cars-maintenance-and-repair/




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